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The index is completely searchable and each index entry contains a link to a transcript or picture in PDF format. There are approximately 2000 documents contained in the database and over 21,000 index entries linking to those documents. To find the document you are looking for, there are three different ways of finding it, using the top menu, as follows:


1) Search by keyword - this will bring up a search box where you can search for a person's name, the name of a town, a date or even a phrase such as "Bodmin Guildhall". In each case the database will return all records with those words in them. Then click “click to open transcript” and the transcript will open as a PDF in a separate window. Also, on the Hawken notes page, try clicking on “all names” (middle left, above “surname”) and it will show all the names in the index. To view the entry, click on the name at the top of the entry and you will find a synopsis of that entry, with surname, forename, document type, notes, document reference and a link to the transcript "click to open transcript". Clicking on this will bring up the transcript in a separate browser window.

2) Complete index list by name -  this will bring up every entry in the index, listed alphabetically, at 100 entries per page. You can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen then open the entry you are interested in.

3) Surnames by first letter -  this will show a list of all first letters of surnames, A to Z. Clicking on a letter will show all surnames for that letter. You can then use "title filter" to narrow down the search. For example, if you were to open the "E" list, there would be over twenty pages shown there. If you then typed "East" and hit enter, you would get only a handful of entries which you then select in the normal way.




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